Defining What Cool Is


According to this spectacular post on The Cool Hunter, coolhunting is a fascinating, ever-changing process that no-one can control.

Read more on how they define cool:
Cool is subjective. It is an opinion. But that does not mean that people are not interested in or influenced by others’ views of what cool is.

Cool is more about what the norm is NOT. Cool is elusive, indefinable, covetable. It is original, desirable, and not accessible to everybody.

Cool is visual and instant. When you see it, you like it instantly. If it takes a lot of work to figure out, it is not cool.  It must have an instantly obvious x-factor. Detecting it is always intuitive. There’s no formula, no rules, no parameters.

Cool is the idea you wish you thought of first.

Today’s consumers are sick of mass marketing and the sameness of brands, so to become and remain cool, a brand must keep innovating constantly.

You cannot make something cool by promo. And, if by the sheer brilliance of a cool promotion, you do succeed in creating a publicity or even sales boost for a brand, that does not make the brand cool.

Coolness needs to be earned again and again.


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