Contradict The Masses


Two weeks ago I deleted my Facebook account and 10 days ago I deleted my Twitter account.  I love all of my friends, but escaping the social engine that has come to govern much of our lives is severely underrated.

Most people wouldn’t do it, nor do they need to.  But if you are lacking fresh creativity, need a revived focus and want to dream bigger in order to take your dynasty to stratospheric levels, I highly highly recommend escaping the noise, if even for a short time.

Your Facebook can be reactivated at any time, your Twitter password can be changed by a friend (I KILLED my account), and the people that truly matter in your life will show up one way or another anyways.

The trouble with social media is it’s overridden by mediocrity that pounds on our subconscious all day.  Eliminate that and watch what happens to the way you think.


2 Responses to “Contradict The Masses”

  1. Matt Fidler Says:

    One rule I live by:

    If you find yourself returning to the same website every day and getting no value from it find a way to make that website unavailable to you. Use the saved time to do something better. The internet is almost limitless….why stagnate?

  2. Jesse Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if we’ll look back in 20 years on social media the way we now look back on something like cigarette smoking.

    “Oh wow, can you imagine? They did ALL day, over and over. At work, in cars, on planes… even in hospitals.”

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