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Walking A Fine Green Line

May 27, 2010

Fido’s big green initiative is promoting phones partly made of recycled plastic bottles, and that you can drop off your old cell phone at any of their stores to be recycled and raise money for food banks.

This campaign includes only a few models – No iPhones, BlackBerrys or Moto flips.  And manufacturers have been buying recycled plastic for two decades.

However it’s still somewhat strong from a marketing perspective.  Magnify something  you’re doing that is as timely as helping the environment, and some people will sign up just to be affiliated with what they perceive to be is a noble cause.


Postured To Dominate

May 27, 2010

Rennie's new office and his sweet chauffered Audi S8

I rode through Chinatown today and saw Real Estate Tycoon Bob Rennie outside his new digs at Pender and Carrall.  Some may argue moving his office and art gallery into Chinatown’s oldest building is because he’s so stylin. Make no mistake: it’s for business reasons.

Rennie Marketing has sold more residential units in the downtown core than anyone for over a decade.  It is one of a handful of groups responsible for the success of Yaletown and Coal Harbour, and now that those areas are full, all eyes turn to the next up and coming hood.

A few cutting edgers have been in Chinatown for a while, like my childhood buddy Erin Templeton, but watch the herd now flock this way, following Rennie’s lead.  Property value will jump, building restrictions will be softened, and in true Vancouver fashion, people with shivering little dogs will slowly take over.

Interestingly, Rennie also commissioned the sign below, giving hope to Downtown Eastsiders that their neighbourhood is about to be seriously gentrified there’s nothing to worry about.

Related Vancouver Sun article.
bottom pic boooooom

Madonna’s Secret Revealed

May 27, 2010

The Cool Hunter
came up with this ad, and if I was in charge of marketing at Adobe, this would be on billboards in every developed nation on earth.

Best Home Page Ever

May 21, 2010

Were you as excited as I was to see Google’s Pac-Man homepage today?  If you haven’t yet tried it, play hard!

They managed to get a few hundred media hits today because of it.  Apparently office productivity took a dive, which is likely why they did it on a Friday before the long weekend.

As I die play, memories haunt me of being one of the only kids in grade 4 with sub-par gamer reflexes.

Full Screen Option Should Be Mandated

May 19, 2010

actual size on site

The Wall Street Journal is one of my daily hang outs.  But the site has a long and convoluted process to make ONE comment on a story, and you can’t watch videos in full screen – even after opening the ‘pop up player’ (ugh).

Companies relying on repeat web traffic as part of their business model should be entirely focused on providing the most convenient and impressive ease of use on the planet.

Every extra click and slight disappointment will always send a growing number of viewers elsewhere, especially since most news is no longer exclusive to one site.

No matter how small your website is, use as many apps/tools/add-ons to make your website navigation and flow spectacular.  There’s enough free/cheap stuff out there that this shouldn’t be a problem.

Rename Your Neighbourhood

May 16, 2010

The marketers of the new super cool looking Rolston building have done something very bold: named an entire chunk of downtown Vancouver ‘Midtown’.

At first the name was a bit hard to grasp, but then you begin to imagine all the Rolston residents forever explaining “We live kinda between Yaletown and the West End.”  Not anymore.  And I am one who definitely likes living in a specifically labeled neighbourhood – so I feel it..

Buyers in this new tower will now have a stronger sense of pride and identity, while other realtors and developers will adopt the new moniker.

Hopefully in 5-10 years we’ll be able to draw some awesome stereotypes about them Midtown folk.

pics The Rolston

Friskies Gets Trippy

May 15, 2010

I’m seriously thinking of getting a cat just so she can experience this kind of sensual overload from eating Friskies.

Way to go Purina.  Nearly 200,000 views from a cat food commercial.

via Mashable

Retail Still Works

May 15, 2010

Google just announced that ordering the Nexus One superphone exclusively online wasn’t successful.  In the last two months they sold about 10% of what the iPhone and Motorola Droid each sold through their retail networks.

This should reinvigorate the retail world. We still dig human interaction and trying things before buying them.

However I would LOVE to see retail go to a whole new level of customer experience and risky, creative surroundings.

And if Telus offers the Nexus soon, I can finally silence my weird iPhone friends by getting an open-sourced super phone, not a walled-garden smart phone.

Perfect Timing Launch

May 14, 2010

Instead of releasing the new ‘Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps‘ as a coveted and profitable ‘summer movie’, Oliver Stone set the date for September 24th.

He says the fourth quarter is historically the most volatile time on Wall Street. Surely this will help the movie flourish as it will undoubtedly be one of the most unpredictable fourth quarters in the market ever.

Thousands of financial reporters will have a fresh Hollywood reference to the shady characters of the actual stock market.

via LA Times
pic Wall Street website

Scary Headline Promo

May 13, 2010

The above headline in today’s Metro shocked me and made me a bit angry at the outrage of hooligans using hair dryers to attack!

The ad story went on to say Vancouver women reported more and more attacks by hair dryers, mostly perpetrated in broad daylight in the comfort of their own homes.

Ahh, ya got me!  Good one Garnier.  The ad on the next page is the solution to victims breaking through the pain of the sharp increase in attacks made by styling tools.

Advertising should prompt this kind of reaction more often.  If your features and benefits aren’t off the charts shocking and different, something else should woo viewers.