Best Home Page Ever


Were you as excited as I was to see Google’s Pac-Man homepage today?  If you haven’t yet tried it, play hard!

They managed to get a few hundred media hits today because of it.  Apparently office productivity took a dive, which is likely why they did it on a Friday before the long weekend.

As I die play, memories haunt me of being one of the only kids in grade 4 with sub-par gamer reflexes.


5 Responses to “Best Home Page Ever”

  1. Jason_73 Says:

    I did. I got the highest score ever on pac-man thanks to google.

  2. Tyler Says:

    What?!? A congratulations is in order. Apparently the game crashes after level 255, just like it did in the original. I love how they included all the kinks and quirks of the original game.

    You know if you click ‘Insert Coin’ twice that Ms. PacMan shows up right?

  3. Jason_73 Says:

    I did not know that. I guess you can always access it by going to

    Hey Tyler, how are you enjoying being off the social media grid?

  4. Tyler Says:

    Wow glad I know about that – might change it to my home page!

    The benefits of being off are beyond serendipitous… LOVE. IT.

  5. helix2301 Says:

    Was cool that Google payed tribute to them.

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