Postured To Dominate


Rennie's new office and his sweet chauffered Audi S8

I rode through Chinatown today and saw Real Estate Tycoon Bob Rennie outside his new digs at Pender and Carrall.  Some may argue moving his office and art gallery into Chinatown’s oldest building is because he’s so stylin. Make no mistake: it’s for business reasons.

Rennie Marketing has sold more residential units in the downtown core than anyone for over a decade.  It is one of a handful of groups responsible for the success of Yaletown and Coal Harbour, and now that those areas are full, all eyes turn to the next up and coming hood.

A few cutting edgers have been in Chinatown for a while, like my childhood buddy Erin Templeton, but watch the herd now flock this way, following Rennie’s lead.  Property value will jump, building restrictions will be softened, and in true Vancouver fashion, people with shivering little dogs will slowly take over.

Interestingly, Rennie also commissioned the sign below, giving hope to Downtown Eastsiders that their neighbourhood is about to be seriously gentrified there’s nothing to worry about.

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bottom pic boooooom


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