Walking A Fine Green Line


Fido’s big green initiative is promoting phones partly made of recycled plastic bottles, and that you can drop off your old cell phone at any of their stores to be recycled and raise money for food banks.

This campaign includes only a few models – No iPhones, BlackBerrys or Moto flips.  And manufacturers have been buying recycled plastic for two decades.

However it’s still somewhat strong from a marketing perspective.  Magnify something  you’re doing that is as timely as helping the environment, and some people will sign up just to be affiliated with what they perceive to be is a noble cause.


2 Responses to “Walking A Fine Green Line”

  1. Matt Fidler Says:

    I know three people who were hooked by the marketing and got the free “green” phone. None of them kept it more than a week. It’s almost nonfunctional and a nightmare to try and text or use quickly (which is ALL anybody does with a phone these days).

    Is it good for the environment to send out a weak product with a small percentage of recycled material and then have it returned? I’m not convinced. Why not attach environmental benefit to strong products instead of making weak ones that have nothing going for them other than the recycled material?

  2. Tyler Says:

    Definitely not good for the environment, so most companies are in it for increased business. Hilarious.

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