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Get Smelly Headlines

June 30, 2010

Singapore Airlines now has a patented perfume that is used on their hot towels and hot flight attendants.

If this was done primarily to get a spike in media coverage it was worth it. The news of the scent will lure in new and past customers, and people will see that the high ranked airline does a myriad of other tiny things to make people happy.
via PSFK


Have Faith In Elon

June 29, 2010

Elon Musk took Tesla, his electric car company, public yesterday and the reports coming in trying to take him out at the knees are staggering.

While he did raise 25% more than they thought he would, and Toyota, Daimler and the US Dept of Energy have all invested in the company, I expected the media to be a lot more positive.

Proof of meanness: Bloomberg, Mercury News and Reuters. These could just be ‘neutralizing’ stories: when the media goes overboard to strike a counter-balance to an already shining story.

Either way, don’t believe the tripe. Elon Musk thrives under pressure, and Iron Man’s earth saving character and resolve were literally based on his personality. This is an instance where no PR smear campaign can stop an icon from taking an antiquated industry into a new era.
pic Wired

Sarcastic Social Media

June 27, 2010

Someone created a fake BP PR Twitter account that has 180,000 followers.  The real BP PR account only has 16,000 followers, and the fake one calls the real one ‘fake’.  Ha.

Guess which one is getting more positive media coverage right now.  Hmmm… and BP is in no position to fire up a lawsuit. via TechCrunch

Last Minute Stunt

June 26, 2010

I have a bit of a professional crush on whoever is in charge of PR at Hyundai right now.

Hyundai built the world’s largest vuvuzela horn in Cape Town, which rings at the beginning of every World Cup football soccer match.

Before South Africans started blowing vuvuzelas incessantly during every match, most of the world didn’t know they existed, therefore weren’t annoyed/mesmerized by them.  So for Hyundai to jump on the craze so quickly at such gargantuan proportions just adds another layer of awesomeness to the brand’s culture-building momentum.  via Gizmodo

Get Your Own Trending Topic

June 25, 2010

The Calgary Herald has a twarmy of people putting ‘Calgary Herald’ in their tweets.  As a result, ‘Calgary’ and even ‘Calgary Herald’ are often top trending topics for Canada, but most of it is NOT coming from their corporate handle.  There is no way this is a coincidence.

These results are within reach for any company or movement. Have a tweet strategy, enlist your twarmy, and blast it out.

I’m surprised more brands haven’t leveraged the power of owning trending topics.

Abusing Trendy Words

June 24, 2010

I feel sorry for the word ‘wellness’.  Poor thing – it’s showing up on Gold’s Gym, dental clinics, old folks homes and vitamin retailers.  So, what does the word even mean then??

Make sure that all, ALL of the wording in everything your company says – right down to your voice mail – has power and a specific purpose behind it. No need to follow the masses if they’re all jumping off a big, vague and tepid cliff.

No-Profit Passion Pays Off

June 22, 2010

My good friend and former 1-800-GOT-JUNK? boss Cameron Herold is currently on the highly coveted TED home page, talking about raising kids to be entrepreneurs.  Watch it!

When he was originally asked to speak at a TED conference, Cameron wasn’t trying to promote his coaching business.  He was just passionate and well versed in something he believes in.  However the additional exposure and affiliation with the TED crowd has increased his brand’s overall awareness BIG TIME.

Don’t hold back if you see an opportunity to make the world better. Speak about it often and loudly and watch what happens.

Hijack Your Competitor’s Headlines

June 21, 2010

Three weeks ago, Mini garnered some worthy coverage when they challenged Porsche to a race. And in true bourgeois fashion, Porsche declined.

This week, Hyundai took a swing, publicly stating they would take on Mini via this witty YouTube:

Could Mini say no? If they say yes, they’ll likely still lose the race, but if they say no, they’ll lose the credibility of ‘punching above their weight’ then backing down when others do it.

Hyundai, you’re doing so much right lately – way to keep building your culture and entice a sort-of competitor.
Update: In the end, Porsche changed their mind and beat Mini.

Emotion Triumphs Over Features

June 21, 2010

I took this pic in 100 Mile House this weekend. The owners of this fishing gear store clearly get that reminding fishermen the experience of having a fighter on the end of their line far outweighs a store’s product selection.

Few companies leverage this strategy.  Promoting the subliminal message: “I want those results, so I’m shopping there,” always works.

The New Media Hit

June 9, 2010

One of my customers is Studeo 55 – a high end health club in Vancouver. They are growing their Mixed Martial Arts program, so last week I phoned UFC legend Chuck Liddell‘s agent and trainer and said Chuck could train at Studeo while he was in town for UFC115.

It worked out well – Chuck’s entire team has been training there since Saturday, as well as Mirko Cro Cop and some of Randy Couture‘s fighters.  They’re all really nice guys – outside the octagon at least.

Things took off when UFC President Dana White tweeted the above photo.  Dana has over 1 million followers and in less than an hour 100+ people retweeted it further.

My customer, who has been in most major Canadian newspapers and a lot of TV and magazines, said “This is our biggest media hit ever.”   Wow – proof that Twitter has changed how we measure exposure.

Lesson? Call the person that intimidates you. Reach out to work with people you think are out of your league. We’ve learned this week the impact can be huge.
pic Heidi Northcott