The New Media Hit


One of my customers is Studeo 55 – a high end health club in Vancouver. They are growing their Mixed Martial Arts program, so last week I phoned UFC legend Chuck Liddell‘s agent and trainer and said Chuck could train at Studeo while he was in town for UFC115.

It worked out well – Chuck’s entire team has been training there since Saturday, as well as Mirko Cro Cop and some of Randy Couture‘s fighters.  They’re all really nice guys – outside the octagon at least.

Things took off when UFC President Dana White tweeted the above photo.  Dana has over 1 million followers and in less than an hour 100+ people retweeted it further.

My customer, who has been in most major Canadian newspapers and a lot of TV and magazines, said “This is our biggest media hit ever.”   Wow – proof that Twitter has changed how we measure exposure.

Lesson? Call the person that intimidates you. Reach out to work with people you think are out of your league. We’ve learned this week the impact can be huge.
pic Heidi Northcott


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