Last Minute Stunt


I have a bit of a professional crush on whoever is in charge of PR at Hyundai right now.

Hyundai built the world’s largest vuvuzela horn in Cape Town, which rings at the beginning of every World Cup football soccer match.

Before South Africans started blowing vuvuzelas incessantly during every match, most of the world didn’t know they existed, therefore weren’t annoyed/mesmerized by them.  So for Hyundai to jump on the craze so quickly at such gargantuan proportions just adds another layer of awesomeness to the brand’s culture-building momentum.  via Gizmodo


2 Responses to “Last Minute Stunt”

  1. Yanik Silver Says:

    Hey Tyler,
    I actually saw this bad boy live. The story is that they shut down the sounds because it was literally causing traffic accidents everytime they blew the vuvuzela. Ahh well! But it was pretty cool.


  2. Tyler Says:

    Yanik – that’s awesome. This was totally a stunt you would do.

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