Have Faith In Elon


Elon Musk took Tesla, his electric car company, public yesterday and the reports coming in trying to take him out at the knees are staggering.

While he did raise 25% more than they thought he would, and Toyota, Daimler and the US Dept of Energy have all invested in the company, I expected the media to be a lot more positive.

Proof of meanness: Bloomberg, Mercury News and Reuters. These could just be ‘neutralizing’ stories: when the media goes overboard to strike a counter-balance to an already shining story.

Either way, don’t believe the tripe. Elon Musk thrives under pressure, and Iron Man’s earth saving character and resolve were literally based on his personality. This is an instance where no PR smear campaign can stop an icon from taking an antiquated industry into a new era.
pic Wired


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