Middle of the Road Appeal


Ford released pics of the 2011 Explorer today. It’s fine looking, but nothing startling, overly exciting or controversial at all.

And for that reason it will again become one of the best selling vehicles in North America.

Marketing to the middle of the road is big: The Gap, Subway, top 40 artists and cars like the Accord and Camry do it all day long.  Volkswagen just announced their US growth plans include more watered down designs.

This strategy excites almost nobody, but the payoff is massive.

Marketers and PR folks (me included) too often look for the crazy, outlandish controversy to work with.  And while those are exciting, the big bucks are made catering to the unwashed masses with average stuff.


4 Responses to “Middle of the Road Appeal”

  1. Graham Says:

    Tyler, you’re right, but it’s still kinda sad.

  2. Tyler Says:

    I agree. I’m trying to see it as a positive though, because I want to be able to communicate to more people at once without compromising passion.

    Not all products are this way. Apple and Google are perfect examples.

  3. ColtonCat Says:

    Wouldn’t you really say that the iPhone 4 is a little of that too, although apple are highly sucessful at making it appear to not be so. Really, come on, what exactly is there in the iPhone 4 that an iPhone 3 did not do? Front Camera, finer screen, stainless steel band (that is actually a potential problem). There is no single game changing reason why the iPhone 4 should be the next big thing and a must upgrade? iOS4 and Multitasking is available free on the 3GS?

  4. Tyler Says:

    I think the example in the phone world would be how Nokia is still at the top. People just want a phone that phones people – nothing special.

    I am an Android/BlackBerry guy but I think the iPhone 4 is pretty fly!

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