Competitors Can Increase Exposure


Both the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt electric cars launched to the public this week. If just one had launched months ago, they wouldn’t get as much attention from consumers and the media.

The competition shows potential buys that there’s a growing market for this – that they’re not way out on a limb with some weird car.

This strategy can be used in any business (Nissan and Chevy didn’t join forces, but were both at an electric car conference).  Consider teaming up with a competitor to announce something you’re doing that’s similar.  The media EAT UP covering trends in a common industry.

pic & stats: CrunchGear


One Response to “Competitors Can Increase Exposure”

  1. 2011Jetta Says:

    I’m curious to what the next ten years brings with electric and hydrogen and improvements in gas mileage. It’s time we look and try to do some meanigful stuff to protect the environment

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