Increase Repeat Visitors


San Francisco web hosting company Laughing Squid has built a huge geek following with their blog, often posting simple things like these Star Wars cupcakes. As a result people tweet about their blog findings, which increases repeat traffic.

More companies than ever are blogging, but most corporate blogs are about boring corporate happenings.  And while in-house content may impress management and die-hard clients, there’s no compelling reason for  new visitors to return.

Most organizations likely don’t blog to appeal to a greater audience because they don’t feel they have the manpower or content to do so.  That isn’t true.  It doesn’t have to be that far removed from the company Kool-Aid, but enough that it entertains people enough to come back.

What makes your IT department laugh? What is the coolest thing you’ve done as a company recently?  Can you film the car in front of the fire hydrant getting towed, blog about it, then tell the car owner? What about a two-week snap a shot of the COO’s mismatching wardrobe ensembles? How did your customers score big by using your service?

Let your company’s cultural voice be heard. It will empower staff, encourage creativity, and absolutely increase website traffic.


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  1. Mom Says:

    Where are you honey? I love you.

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