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The 8½ X 11 Marketing Plague

July 23, 2009

Paper ad
Way too many restaurants and retailers are abandoning their dignity by adding a sheet of paper as signage.  I see it everyday, and I live in Yaletown – where EA, Blast Radius, Cossette and other brand aces dwell.  Oohh the dichotomy!

If you are doing this at your store, please stop.  You’re sabotaging your brand and culture by cutting the wrong corners.

If I was Mayor, there’d be severe punishment for this kind of wimpy signage.


Purses Made of Car Seats

June 25, 2009

This woman somehow got a warehouse full of unused car seat upholstery and created a line of super cool handbags.

Target market: maybe car freak guys buying them for their wives?

It just made me think: how resourceful can we be with things that are otherwise useless?

via Autoblog

Welcome Bratface!

June 25, 2009

Fellow ex-GOT-JUNKer and 1/5 of the revered Smart Cookies, Andrea Baxter just launched a new company: Bratface Marketing.

What a sweet name!  In one word it says that the company is confident, will take risks, be bold and cheeky, and have fun doing it. Never mind Andrea’s awesome track record, I am convinced that prospects will consider Bratface on the name alone.

Rip it up Andrea!

Talk Like The People

June 24, 2009

I think it’s funny when companies or people at work try hard to sound super professional.  They usually come across weak and lame. Why not just talk like people talk?

The lease sign above shows us that this leaser has a personality.  No question more people will call because this professional sign is a bit casual/fun.  via boingboing

And the name of the chip company below made me smile at the grocery store.  You just know there’s a cool group of people on the other end of this bag. Yay Hippie Chips!

hippie chips

Lame Name

June 19, 2009

In an attempt to appeal to a bigger audience, Pizza Hut is dropping ‘pizza’, to become ‘The Hut’.    Ugh.

It’s like they don’t get it.  The new name is phoenetically weak and cheapens the brand.  An entire re-brand would have been best.

This ain’t no FedEx – I doubt it will fly.

via MSN via my cousin Scott

Good Job PETA PR

June 18, 2009

lf I ran PETA’s PR Dept I would have milked the fly killing episode too.  Throwing your brand into the middle of a hot news topic always increases awareness.

I wonder what Palin would have done.  Do they taxidermy bugs?

Build It And They Will Doodle

June 18, 2009

The Doodle Bar opened in London about a month ago.  It’s covered in whiteboards and washable surfaces, with pens everywhere.  They have several events happening – even a doodle of the week!

Imagine how powerfully social this is.  In the PR and viral worlds this is considered ‘low hanging fruit’.  Can someone please open a Doodle Bar in Vancouver?

via PSFK

Cheap Fun Can (Not Will) Make a Big Splash

June 14, 2009

Mentos Gum’s Make Your World Go Rounder campaign, which promotes their new gum in a round tube, was a guerrilla marketing stunt in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.  I saw them hop through Yaletown and everyone was watching.
Mentos round

The fun factor was definitely conveyed (Flickr), and it likely didn’t cost a ton to buy white jump suits and bouncy balls.

I’m not sure how strong their PR efforts were though.  Their Twitter followers are few and other than the video below their YouTube views are VERY low. A good idea/stunt needs to be marketed properly.

Is Your Culture Beautiful?

June 12, 2009

Electra home page
This image is the home page for Electra Bikes.  The pretty, stylin girl has nothing to do with bikes, but Electra recognizes that the look and feel of their company culture absolutely matters in order to sell products.

EVERYTHING you do matters.  Are the people and images on your site totally smokin hot and oozing with style?  They oughta be.

Why Blo Gets So Much Media

June 11, 2009

The Yaletown phenomena Blo, where mostly women get their hair done (not cut) has had several dozen media hits – more than anyone I know – in Vancouver in two years for a few reasons:

1. Awesome concept
2. Amazing name
– many think it’s for those 2 reasons alone, but…
3. Very outgoing and friendly with the media
4. Consistently and aggressively looking for PR opportunities
4. Often a part of different events around town
5. Always finding ways to share their story in a fun way

Luck has nothing to do with it.  Meet the Founders, and you’ll know in 5 seconds why they’re so successful and are building one of Canada’s next great brands.  They have 3 locations in Vancouver and 2 coming in TO.  Watch for mo Blo!