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Engaging Compact Car Movements

May 15, 2009

Nissan Cube
‘s HyperCube: 50 Canadians win Nissan Cubes.  Contestants create photo/video pages and must collect as many votes as possible – even on a daily basis.  Vote for Maria!

Ford Fiesta‘s Fiesta Movement: 100 ‘Agents’ drive Euro-spec Fiestas around the US for six months.  Agents create their own routes and maintain a Flickr, Blog etc..  Follow my friend Jody!

These campaigs create a whole new level of publicity and awareness. Welcome to the way everything is going.


My Idea

May 12, 2009

Sabotage your own ad campaign to get even more attention.

Top 50 PR Stunts

May 11, 2009

blog stunt pics
Prince’s symbol       Virgin mocking BA      RedBull wakeboards Venice

These top PR stunts show the diversity, power and significance of doing crazy different stunts that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BRAND.  It’s important to remember that getting a butt load of attention doesn’t need to directly align with core marketing principles.

Just do something crazy already.

WARNING: A couple small pics have subtle and indirect nudity.  Sorry.  Normally I wouldn’t post pornography, but … ya let’s just blame the Brits. And don’t think you need to use porn to get your brand noticed.  It’s been done a million times, guys, and it isn’t at all original.

via Taylor Herring PR

Sometimes I wish this was Europe

May 2, 2009

German-based Sagrotan has ads for a disinfectant laundry additive with surgeons wearing gaunch on their face.

David from AdFreak says, “If this were the last thing I saw before undergoing surgery, I would assume the doctors were about to steal my kidneys.”


March 3, 2009

I'd do anything for money

This ad promotes a TV show where contestants have to do extreme stunts for prizes. I’m not sure if the stunts are as extreme as palm piercing, but it certainly gets the readers attention and sets the tone for the message being parlayed. It’s the game show where “pain equals cash.”

A lot of the times when a company is making a print ad, they just look at the layout and the image that will go on the page. The most they think about the actual physical properties of the magazine are when it comes to billing time and they see the rates for a 2″ x 2″ ad.

How could something like this be done on a billboard? Or a bus shelter? Or a posted bill?

Link to the show: “I’d do anything for money” Herre på täppan (Swedish)

The Pretend Embargo Leak

February 20, 2009


Photos of Rolls Royce’s new model were ‘leaked ahead of the embargo‘ today. Well, I need to see a video of the fuming mad CEO before I believe it wasn’t planned.

Ever-increasing staged embargo leaks add a certain drama and sense of urgency in reading something that wasn’t supposed to be leaked, which greatly increases exposure – even among the Grey Poupon crowd.

Embargoes are dying anyways. Even the most notorious tech blogger said he won’t honor embargoes anymore.

Getting the hip kids moving

February 19, 2009

hipster_sm-from-divine-carolineNow here’s a company that knows how to talk to a niche market. In this case that market is the ever elusive New York Hipster Demographic. Although a Hipster will scoff at the idea of being called a Hipster, only a Hipster would would find this really funny.

Take a look, it’s literally a check list of sub-culture stereotypes. Loft? Check. Skinny Jeans? Check. Irony? Double Check.

Another interesting point to take note of is the fact that this is just a street poster, but because it’s so clever and entertaining, it’s now circling the internet and getting tons more coverage that a simple paper ad ever would. This is huge for

Talk about bang for your buck.

photo via

Sarcasm is Lovely

February 18, 2009


Hulu’s Superbowl ad with Alec Baldwin reveals their true intentions in the slogan ‘An evil plot to destroy the world.’

More companies should have fun with corporate branding, and realize that most people ‘get it’.

(Oh, and Canadians are severely bothered that Hulu doesn’t work up here. Argh!)

Wigs and Fangs

February 13, 2009


Do you think wigs and fangs add a cool factor to displaying Karen Walker Eyewear, or are they a distraction from the product?

If they didn’t have fun add-ons, I wouldn’t have blogged about it, neither would have The Cool Hunter.


Ladies love cool ads

February 13, 2009


I’ve been totally digging the last celebrity Old Spice ads during the last couple of years. Remember Bruce Campbell playing “Hungry Like a Wolf” on the piano? Of course you do, it was amazing. But that was TV and this is print.

Right here you have an image that’s inferred to be that of the famous rapper before the ladies loved cool James, but with the help of Old Spice, he found his mojo. The copy refers to one of LL Cool J’s more famous singles, and hilarity ensues.

A lot of companies use celebrity endorsements to push their product, but most of the time it’s just a face with no real connection to the company. White noise.

But if you managed to make it funny or memorable, then you’ll have a bigger impact


Now the ads are online and on TV. Check out the video