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Purses Made of Car Seats

June 25, 2009

This woman somehow got a warehouse full of unused car seat upholstery and created a line of super cool handbags.

Target market: maybe car freak guys buying them for their wives?

It just made me think: how resourceful can we be with things that are otherwise useless?

via Autoblog


Talk Like The People

June 24, 2009

I think it’s funny when companies or people at work try hard to sound super professional.  They usually come across weak and lame. Why not just talk like people talk?

The lease sign above shows us that this leaser has a personality.  No question more people will call because this professional sign is a bit casual/fun.  via boingboing

And the name of the chip company below made me smile at the grocery store.  You just know there’s a cool group of people on the other end of this bag. Yay Hippie Chips!

hippie chips

Cultural Icon

June 19, 2009

I wonder how complex it is to become a ‘cultural icon’.  At the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, all they do is throw fish.
They. Throw. Fish.
That’s it – people come from nigh and far to buy fish just to watch it be thrown.

Stop thinking so hard.  Becoming iconic usually happens with something simple.

A Feel Good Building?

May 14, 2009

Atelier 2I am forever critiquing the many marketing campaigns for downtown Vancouver’s endless residential tower promotions.

Few stick out like the feeling of Atelier’s intro page.

Forget that this building has creepy window-less bedrooms.  Its affiliation with the top hot spots around the world makes me feel like I’d be part of an elite crowd.

How do you make your prospects FEEL?

Setting the bar(code) high

February 17, 2009

wertertereThe machine readable UPC-A optical barcode has been checking things out for over four decades now, and not a lot has changed since the ’70s.

But the envelope-pushers over in Japan have taken the ubiquitous lines and gaps to new heights by incorporating them into tiny vignettes on the back of consumer packages.

It’s too bad that monkying with the code is off limits in North America, because it’s another great way to turn heads and catch eyes.

more fun examples over at

A band-aid solution

February 15, 2009


Packaging is often seen as an after thought for a lot of people. It can be seen as simply a way of transporting the goods from the producer to the consumer. Pretty simple.

But look at all the white space that goes unused on packaging. Places that tend to have little-to-no text could be filled in with information about the company, or in this case, a humourous message that can make an otherwise unpleasant experience more enjoyable.

What could you say in-between the lines?

photo via lovelypackage