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KILL Your Competition

June 21, 2009

ba vs virgin
Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame said, “When your competition is drowning, stick a hose in their mouth.”  (via Cameron H)

That’s exactly what Richard Branson is doing to British Airways: calling the multi-billion dollar commercial airline ‘almost worthless’, and encouraging the British Goverment to NOT bail them out.

BA was ruthless to Virgin in the early years, so Richard’s unceasing antagonism is almost expected.  I find it beautiful.  He is most definitely capitalizing on a fresh PR opportunity as his main competitor wobbles.

Smaller companies can apply this rival-killing drama, but only do it if it creates headlines.


Cultural Icon

June 19, 2009

I wonder how complex it is to become a ‘cultural icon’.  At the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, all they do is throw fish.
They. Throw. Fish.
That’s it – people come from nigh and far to buy fish just to watch it be thrown.

Stop thinking so hard.  Becoming iconic usually happens with something simple.

Build It And They Will Doodle

June 18, 2009

The Doodle Bar opened in London about a month ago.  It’s covered in whiteboards and washable surfaces, with pens everywhere.  They have several events happening – even a doodle of the week!

Imagine how powerfully social this is.  In the PR and viral worlds this is considered ‘low hanging fruit’.  Can someone please open a Doodle Bar in Vancouver?

via PSFK

Is Your Culture Beautiful?

June 12, 2009

Electra home page
This image is the home page for Electra Bikes.  The pretty, stylin girl has nothing to do with bikes, but Electra recognizes that the look and feel of their company culture absolutely matters in order to sell products.

EVERYTHING you do matters.  Are the people and images on your site totally smokin hot and oozing with style?  They oughta be.

Why Blo Gets So Much Media

June 11, 2009

The Yaletown phenomena Blo, where mostly women get their hair done (not cut) has had several dozen media hits – more than anyone I know – in Vancouver in two years for a few reasons:

1. Awesome concept
2. Amazing name
– many think it’s for those 2 reasons alone, but…
3. Very outgoing and friendly with the media
4. Consistently and aggressively looking for PR opportunities
4. Often a part of different events around town
5. Always finding ways to share their story in a fun way

Luck has nothing to do with it.  Meet the Founders, and you’ll know in 5 seconds why they’re so successful and are building one of Canada’s next great brands.  They have 3 locations in Vancouver and 2 coming in TO.  Watch for mo Blo!

Have a Huge Contest

June 11, 2009


Hardly anybody recognizes Google Chrome’s logo.  The web browser was launched last year, but has not caught mainstream’s eye.

So why not have a contest to see who can best represent the logo?
The contest is the story behind the story.

Watch contest video via TechCrunch

FREE Game Inside!

June 4, 2009

Volvo launched a free car racing game at

This PR stunt:
1. Generates hundreds of online stories
2. Drives tons of newcomers to their site
3. BIG TIME gets a younger demographic interacting with the Volvo brand

The benefits offset the development costs by a long shot.

via CNET

One Picture Summary

June 3, 2009

The first time I read about TechCrunch’s upcoming CrunchPad, I thought, “What’s the advantage?  It’s a huge Kindle, and huger iPhone. So what.”

Then they added the picture. Ooh the picture!
It reveals a feeling – the desire to be really comfy while working with full browser capacity.
TechCrunch captures the intended feeling bang on.

The New Global 4 Letter Word

May 28, 2009

Microsoft’s new Bing ‘decision engine’ will go live June 3rd.  While some people criticize the name, soft spoken CEO Steve Ballmer explains to Walt Mossberg that the name had to be easy to say in multiple languages.

The functionality will be great, but the name ALONE will take this new form of search to stratospheric levels.

The name ALONE of your next brand can be this iconic too.

Niche is Chic

May 23, 2009

A lot of small companies do too much and miss out on marketing opportunities because they’re not focused and can’t build credibility.

I often correct people:  I’m not a ‘Full Services PR Firm’ or a ‘PR Consultant’. I help small companies generate media coverage – that’s my niche!

2 photographers with spectacular work because they’re focused:

Ken Wan of ARC does stunning Architectural Photography, and
Maria Petersen of will capture your graduation like no one else.  What’s your specialty?