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Me Talking PR

May 26, 2009

Last week I spoke at a MeetUp event at The Network Hub.
Subject:  3 Things That CAN Help You Get Publicity

Check it out, and yes I know I need better make-up next time.


Sarcasm is Lovely

February 18, 2009


Hulu’s Superbowl ad with Alec Baldwin reveals their true intentions in the slogan ‘An evil plot to destroy the world.’

More companies should have fun with corporate branding, and realize that most people ‘get it’.

(Oh, and Canadians are severely bothered that Hulu doesn’t work up here. Argh!)

Of COURSE it was planned

February 15, 2009

Many people think that Joaquin Phoenix’s weird appearance on Letterman was legitimately awkward and that Joaquin was actually in a poopy mood.

This successful PR stunt has obviously duped the nation! Joaquin’s alleged last movie as an actor and new found hip-hop career will reap the harvest of naive viewers as his ‘mood swing’ grows virally.

HuffPost link


Ladies love cool ads

February 13, 2009


I’ve been totally digging the last celebrity Old Spice ads during the last couple of years. Remember Bruce Campbell playing “Hungry Like a Wolf” on the piano? Of course you do, it was amazing. But that was TV and this is print.

Right here you have an image that’s inferred to be that of the famous rapper before the ladies loved cool James, but with the help of Old Spice, he found his mojo. The copy refers to one of LL Cool J’s more famous singles, and hilarity ensues.

A lot of companies use celebrity endorsements to push their product, but most of the time it’s just a face with no real connection to the company. White noise.

But if you managed to make it funny or memorable, then you’ll have a bigger impact


Now the ads are online and on TV. Check out the video