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People Love Maps and Stats

June 15, 2009

Tweent Voda
The announcement that Vodafone no longer has roaming charges across Europe came through a campaign that shows a live Google map of where British tweeters are spending their summer vacation.

Wow – very viral and sticky.

via adverblog


Cheap Fun Can (Not Will) Make a Big Splash

June 14, 2009

Mentos Gum’s Make Your World Go Rounder campaign, which promotes their new gum in a round tube, was a guerrilla marketing stunt in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.  I saw them hop through Yaletown and everyone was watching.
Mentos round

The fun factor was definitely conveyed (Flickr), and it likely didn’t cost a ton to buy white jump suits and bouncy balls.

I’m not sure how strong their PR efforts were though.  Their Twitter followers are few and other than the video below their YouTube views are VERY low. A good idea/stunt needs to be marketed properly.

Is Your Culture Beautiful?

June 12, 2009

Electra home page
This image is the home page for Electra Bikes.  The pretty, stylin girl has nothing to do with bikes, but Electra recognizes that the look and feel of their company culture absolutely matters in order to sell products.

EVERYTHING you do matters.  Are the people and images on your site totally smokin hot and oozing with style?  They oughta be.

Have a Huge Contest

June 11, 2009


Hardly anybody recognizes Google Chrome’s logo.  The web browser was launched last year, but has not caught mainstream’s eye.

So why not have a contest to see who can best represent the logo?
The contest is the story behind the story.

Watch contest video via TechCrunch

FREE Game Inside!

June 4, 2009

Volvo launched a free car racing game at

This PR stunt:
1. Generates hundreds of online stories
2. Drives tons of newcomers to their site
3. BIG TIME gets a younger demographic interacting with the Volvo brand

The benefits offset the development costs by a long shot.

via CNET

Niche is Chic

May 23, 2009

A lot of small companies do too much and miss out on marketing opportunities because they’re not focused and can’t build credibility.

I often correct people:  I’m not a ‘Full Services PR Firm’ or a ‘PR Consultant’. I help small companies generate media coverage – that’s my niche!

2 photographers with spectacular work because they’re focused:

Ken Wan of ARC does stunning Architectural Photography, and
Maria Petersen of will capture your graduation like no one else.  What’s your specialty?

Neato Incentive

May 21, 2009

Blog behemoth TechCrunch has a ustream channel where you can watch them work live at the ‘CrunchPad’.   Today there’s a white board on the live screen that says ‘we’ll blog in ur start-up’s t-shirts.  Email’

Now watch their viewer count rise steadily.

Speed Dating Redefined

May 18, 2009

Air New Zealand launched The Matchmaking Flight – a service that lets single people get jet set together on an overnight flight. Because nothing says ‘dream date’ like sitting in the middle seat beside some desperate goblin for 13 hours.

The point is this is a PR stunt to bring huge attention to New Zealand and Air New Zealand.  It may very well work for the lonely flyer, but if it flops in 3 months, Air New Zealand got hundreds of media hits around the world.

via Wired

Geek Squad Used Ivy. Brilliant!

May 18, 2009

Mobile PC fixers Geek Squad signed up 104 year old Brit Ivy Bean for Twitter, making her the oldest person on earth to tweet. @IvyBean104.  The story got heaps of coverage because newsrooms everywhere thought Ivy set up the account herself, when it was really Geek Squad capitalizing on a photo op.

Some news outlets apologized for covering it, now calling it a shallow stunt. But this is me, Geek Squad, giving you a wink and a nudge for milking a warm hearted, fun story idea that got you loads of positive coverage.

A Feel Good Building?

May 14, 2009

Atelier 2I am forever critiquing the many marketing campaigns for downtown Vancouver’s endless residential tower promotions.

Few stick out like the feeling of Atelier’s intro page.

Forget that this building has creepy window-less bedrooms.  Its affiliation with the top hot spots around the world makes me feel like I’d be part of an elite crowd.

How do you make your prospects FEEL?